It’s hot in Brisbane but it’s Coolangatta – summer salads for celebrations

It’s so hot here – unreasonably hot for November, and as my thoughts turn towards upcoming end-of-year and Christmas celebrations, I’ve gathered a collection of my salad recipes for inspiration and to help me to keep cool in the kitchen. There’s something here for all tastes, and each one has a little twist to lift it above the usual fare. I hope there’s some inspiration here for  you too.

And if you are wondering about the title of this post – It’s hot in Brisbane, but it’s Coolangatta – it is the title of a real song, popular in the 1950s. You can read about it, see the fabulously kitsch sheet music and listen to the original recording here.

Rice 2 resizedCranberry and wild rice salad

Potato salad 2 resizedPotato and pea salad with hazelnut dressing

Carrot salad 2 resizedCarrot salad with coriander, chili and sesame

apple salad5 resizedRocket salad with apple and parmesan

nectarine salad3 resizedNectarines, prosciutto, mozzarella and mint

brie salad1 resizedBrie and rocket salad with pomegranate dressing

farro with pumpkin1 resizedMaple roasted pumpkin with farro

Fassifern tomatoesTomato and bocconcini salad with a beautiful basil dressing