Plum tart   Rich flourless chocolate cake   Balsamic onions   avocado rocket2 square   Caramel apples 1 square   Smashed peas with fennel   Apricot crostata3 square   vege soup1 square   roasted cauliflower1 square

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Huevos rancheros – for Sunday breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner

Huevos rancheros, or “ranch eggs” are Mexican in origin, and a simple and quite humble dish. But they taste terrific, especially with lots of delicious accompaniments such as dollops of sour cream, sprinklings of fresh coriander, chunks of smooth avocado and rounds of soft tortillas. They are also, we decided at our place, the perfect … Continue reading Huevos rancheros – for Sunday breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner

Summer breakfast – vanilla spiced yoghurt

It’s the last day of my holiday today and I wanted to make something especially nice for my breakfast. Summer’s bounty has been particularly rich and beautiful this year. Stunning mangoes, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries and blueberries are available in abundance and typify the flavours of summer in my part of the world. This recipe is … Continue reading Summer breakfast – vanilla spiced yoghurt

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