Ever since I was a young girl I have loved cooking and making up recipes. I started cooking in the 1970s, when complexity was king – think prawn coctails, chocolate orange mousse cups, beef Wellington etc. etc. As an adult I have traversed pretty much all the cooking trends – nouvelle cuisine, Asian fusion, weird things on pizza, and more –  but all the while, what I cooked day to day at home was a much pared back, simpler style that better suited me and my family – food that concentrated on flavour, local ingredients in season, and was easy to prepare and cook. This is the type of food that is most like me, and what I want to share.

I live in Brisbane with my husband Andrew, who is fulfilling a life long dream and is studying medicine to become a doctor (in his final year – huzzah!!!!), and three kids who are 20, 18 and 14. I’m a librarian by day (please don’t think glasses, shushing finger and pursed lips – I have the best job and it’s nothing like what most people imagine a librarian does) and cook, domestic manager, listening ear, driving instructor, homework help line and chauffeur by night.

Here’s my crew, love them to bits.

Andrew  Matt
Nick  anna

I love to cook and my husband loves photography, so a passion for both of us was born in this blog. I hope to do more with food and writing in the coming years and this is where it starts for me.

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30 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks Linda – I love following your blog too. It’s so great to get a glimpse of people’s lives through their creative efforts with cooking. It’s on of the things I like most about blogging. margaret.

  1. I like you sense of humour! I was browsing on pikelets (served with tea…in a cup with a saucer) and I enjoyed looking at the pictures on your blog! When I hear librarian, I always think of glasses and yes, pursed lips. I am glad to know there librarians with great sense of humour. I am also a domestic manager!

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