Heritage tomatoes – no recipe required

Sometimes, the food we put on our table does not need to be cooked, or prepared in a special way, or even garnished. On its own it speaks to us; with beauty, astonishing flavour, and a certain joy that’s inherent with the feeding of the soul as well as the body.
That’s how I felt when I came across these heritage tomatoes in my local fruit shop at Indooroopilly. The tomatoes are grown in Fassifern, about an hour from where I live, by a couple, Matt and Sarah Muller, who started growing them commercially about a year ago.

They are so beautiful and the names entrancing – Green Zebra, Tigerella, Ida Gold, Black Cherry and the Mortgage Lifter, to name a few. All I did was to carefully wash them, put them in a bowl, and allow the family to eat them at will. The inside flesh was as much a revelation as their outside colour; rosy pink, bright green, shining yellow, deep purple and rich, dark red. I can’t think of any recipe that could have improved the experience we had when eating these tomatoes. If you live in south-east Queensland I encourage you to look for them. If not, perhaps your local Farmer’s Market might have a heritage tomato grower you can support. I know you will love them as much as we did.

Fassifern tomatoes