Apple, lime and cinnamon water

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Oh, to be in Queensland in the springtime. Warm days; long, sunny afternoons fading to soft twilight; jacarandas smudging the landscape with purple; and the garden full of new growth. I wanted to make some fruit waters as a refreshing alternative to soft drink and this combination is one that I love. The apple, cinnamon and lime add subtle flavour and fragrance to the water and the jug can be topped up whenever needed with more water and ice.  You could also try lemon, mint and finely sliced fresh ginger; or blueberries, strawberries and a vanilla bean. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Makes at least 2 litres

1 Pink Lady apple
1 lime
1 cinnamon quill
Large jug of water, with ice

Chop the apple in half, then in quarters and carefully cut out the core. Slice into wedges. Slice the cheeks off the lime. Fill the jug with water and ice and add the apple slices, lime and cinnamon quill. Leave to sit for about 15 minutes for the fruit to begin imparting flavour into the water. Top up the jug as needed with more water and ice. Enjoy!

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