Grown-up’s chocolate mousse

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Silky, incredibly rich, and made with bitter dark chocolate slightly sweetened with honey, a little of this very grown-up mousse goes a very long way. However, it is very simple to make and only needs a good quality dark chocolate to make it shine. It is most important not to put the mousse in the fridge. The texture will end up being grainy and unappealing. Just make the mousse an hour or so before you need it and leave in a cool place. I absolutely love to serve it with my salted caramel pecans because both the nuts and the slight saltiness of the caramel really enhance the taste of the chocolate.

Serves 6 – 8, depending on how much richness you can take in one sitting

150g 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate
150 ml thickened cream
60g butter, chopped into small pieces
1 tablespoon honey

First thing is not to freak out when you see the ingredients list and remember this is a special occasion dessert. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. (You can cheat and do it in the microwave – just remember to use low heat or else the chocolate will burn) Let it cool a little and then stir through the honey and the butter until all the butter is melted and the chocolate is beautifully shiny. In another bowl whisk the cream until it is softly whipped. Pour the chocolate mixture into the cream and whisk together gently. The mousse will thicken and remain gloriously glossy. Set aside somewhere cool, but do not put in the fridge. To serve, spoon a generous tablespoonful per person onto a gorgeous plate (If you have the smarts make a quenelle) and serve a few pieces of salted caramel pecans on the side. I also sometimes serve in a tiny espresso cup with berries on the side.

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