Rockmelon with prosciutto and thyme

Everyone from Jamie Oliver to Elizabeth Romer have rhapsodised about this simple Italian dish and with good reason. It tastes stunning and looks wonderful. You must, must, must, though, use rock melon when it is at its seasonal best, heavy and dripping with sweet juices. Getting the prosciutto sliced paper thin is also important for the best result. It takes no time at all to prepare and every mouthful will be worth it. It works for breakfast, brunch or as a salad with a summer meal. Enjoy!

Serves 4

1/2 rock melon, peeled and sliced into wedges, or scooped out into rough balls.
8-12 slices of paper thin proscuitto
A few sprigs of fresh thyme with flowers, if they are in season
Best quality olive oil

Put the melon on a large serving platter and then carefully place the proscuitto around it, twisting and curling it around the pieces of melon. You could also wrap larger slices of melon with a slice of proscuitto, which I think is the more traditinal mwthod. Scatter over a few sprigs of thyme and thyme flowers and then very carefully drizzle a little olive oil over the top.